As well as aiding with mental health, Virtual Reality (VR) has been shown to help physical and cognitive rehabilitation, with many VR applications being able to support a range of therapeutic programmes.

The recent Covid-19 crisis has highlighted just how useful digital interventions can be, and with the correct infrastructure, technology, management, and supervision, can help achieve the best results for you.

There is endless amounts of research surrounding VR. It is ever-changing and always updating, as one would expect in digital health. At The Well, we have our Virtual reality headset and have found it to aid relaxation, help with meditation and improve sleep. This may be a totally new concept for you, but for us, this has been an option we have strongly believed for a long time should be accessible to everyone as a viable mental health digital option. Sometimes in the world of mental health and wellbeing we have to think outside of the box, but here at The Well we try to think that there is no box!!

We have to be dynamic, innovative, and brave enough to try new things and different approaches. Our efforts to keep up with digital advances will benefit the whole community as we strive to deliver only the best!