Everyone here on The Well Team is highly skilled and trained within the area of suicide prevention, intervention and postvention.

In providing crisis support, we use our skills and experience to respond to an individual or organisation within our community during times of need, in relation to thoughts or plans of suicide, or a death by suicide.

We have a wealth of experience in Community Crisis Trauma Response and have designed a bespoke package, specifically to ensure that an organisation in need receives exactly the support required at that time. Future skills and training are also delivered as part of this package to help ensure partnership working, support, and preventative measures are there if needed in the future.

We have designed plans which take a holistic approach to a person or organisation in need. The approaches focus on ‘The Whole Person’, ‘The Whole Club’ and ‘The Whole Community’.

Throughout our response, we work closely with the organisation, key personnel and leaders, to ensure everyone receives the right support, adapting immediately to any changes, and providing any reassurance or guidance needed.

If you would like to discuss crisis response, our approaches or arrange training for your team or organisation, please get in touch.